Our People

Alex Williams


  • Office Newcastle
  • Team Leadership

He hates the term, but Alex absolutely is the Founder of Standby Healthcare, having formed the business back in 2017 with a former associate. In life, people often have a difference of opinion and with Standby, that is what pushed Alex to take it solo from fellow founders and then partner with current Director Kieran to make it what it is today. With a mix of experience and business entrepreneurship, Alex found himself running a social care recruitment agency with the view to fulfil and support a gap in the market where clients could receive outstanding service without detriment to the care as a result of cost. Meeting Kieran, allowed the two to work in partnership to grow Standby to become a Northeast market leader with a 'relationship first' approach.

Alex is a keen businessman and knows exactly where his strengths are and that's in the commercial/finance side of the business, whilst Kieran focusses on operational growth, Alex can be sure to maintain financial security. This being said, Alex also has a focus on future projects for the business, constantly looking at ways we can improve business continuity through new avenues such as market investment or ways to set us apart from the competitors with an innovative approach to change.