Glad to care week - Stephanie Eastlake

5 Minutes

It’s #GladToCare awareness week; a week to celebrate the resilient care workers who continue...

By Sophie Reay

Marketing Manager

It’s #GladToCare awareness week; a week to celebrate the resilient care workers who continue to make a difference to the lives of recipients of care.

Did you know that all our Recruitment Consultants have had healthcare experience?

We spoke to our Senior Recruitment Consultant Stephanie Eastlake who tells us about her healthcare journey and how it has helped her with her current role…

What healthcare role have you worked in previously, and what did you do?

I worked within the healthcare and support work sectors, mainly in palliative care.

Why did you work within the healthcare sector?

The main reason was to pursue a career in nursing however a different path led me to the recruitment industry.

Is there anything within the healthcare role that has helped you to recruit for candidates in that sector?

I think personal experience working in different settings has gave me a better understanding of the ideal candidates best suited for the different roles I’m recruiting for. My experiences have also given me an insight into what the service user/client requires from a care giver. I can also relate to staff, giving advice on situations and I have a better understanding of the roles they are doing.

Is there any advice you’d give to a candidate wanting to apply for Standby?

If you’re looking to progress into different settings, this is the agency for you! With so many different environments and the opportunity to work with a variety of clients is certainly available for those who deliver extraordinary care and support. Those individuals that do, never go unnoticed!