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Luke Quigley

Temporary Recruitment | Complex Care | North West

  • Office Newcastle
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Recruitment is about choosing the right people and sticking to the plan you have in place. Luke came to us at a time where we were insistent to make the right choice, we must have kissed a few frogs to find him. Articulate and a conversationalist, Luke had the raw skills to be what we believed to be a great recruiter. Having experienced role as a Support Worker post university, Luke made the choice to return home to the North East and try some where he believed he could do well, make money and a difference whilst he was doing it.

Having joined us as essentially a graduate, Luke began the journey to build a new region for us in the North East, expanding our services across the region. Luke found his niche and is supporting what we call our 'Complex Care' division here at Standby distributing his team of Children's & Adults Support Workers right across the region. Brain Injury, Neuro disability, Learning Disability and Mental Health, you name it and Luke will be able to provide the right person to support your particular service user. If you have a 1:1, 2:1 that you need support on or require support for your MD or MH services. 

This has led Standby to transform its offering and support Luke to offer a market first. A temp solution built bespoke and in true partnership with the provider. Created for the niche bespoke packages, this support will allow Luke and his team to work as a true agency extension of a permanent staff force to improve the consistency and quality of agency care that is provided.For support in any of the areas above, Luke is your best point of contact