Our Staff Awards 2024

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Did somebody say, staff awards season? We were thrilled to recently, once again, be cel...

By Ellie Simmonite

Marketing Executive

Did somebody say, staff awards season? 

We were thrilled to recently, once again, be celebrating our annual End of Year Awards and (of course) this year we had to go bigger and better!

These awards present a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to celebrate the successes of our team from throughout the financial year and is something we love being able to do to show our appreciation for our staff!

It's also an incredible opportunity, since we now have recruitment staff based all across the UK, to reconnect with one another and upkeep a sense of community which we pride ourselves on within our team.

But who were our big winners this year? 

Well …

Steph who once again won the Big Biller Award!

Becca won BOTH the Rising Star and Standby's Choice Awards!

Luke took home our brand new Best Social Media Performance Award.

Abbie was also the winner of a new award, Social Star - People's Choice!

Congratulations to all of the incredible winners of our awards this year - you've all done an incredible job and we couldn't be more proud.