Debunking Agency Myths

5 Minutes

We recently read an article shared by another care organisation suggesting recruitment agenc...

By Ellie Simmonite

Marketing Executive

We recently read an article shared by another care organisation suggesting recruitment agencies are not able to meet turnaround needs for staffing requirements fast enough. It was also suggested that agencies exploit high demands in the healthcare industry by offering different rates dependent on urgency.
Today, we’re debunking these claims.
Of course, we can only speak from our own experiences as an agency, but we would most definitely contest this.
It was suggested within this article that agencies can take a minimum of a day to fill a shift, potentially resulting in organisations breaching their compliance with CQC regulations.
For us, our typical turnaround time to fill a shift is around 5 to 15 minutes – a far cry from the minimum of a day suggested. Our new, bespoke CRM also allows us to improve trust regarding shifts, as our clients can see that their shift is covered in the system and has been physically accepted by a candidate, allowing for clear, honest communication of shift coverage.
The other claim made was that agencies have processes set in place to ensure the maximum profit is procured, exploiting the strain placed on the NHS and care facilities following the pandemic.
With us, the cost is the cost. It does not change dependent on urgency. The only rates which change for us depend on the complexity of the client and this is agreed upon for bespoke packages in partnership before support begins.
Agencies are here to support and benefit care providers, not hinder their ability to function correctly and exploit them financially. We stand firm in believing and practising this within our service delivery.
Do you agree that agencies aspire to meet demands quickly and fairly or have your experiences working with agencies been different? We’d love to hear your thoughts.