5 Common myths about working in Social Care

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Social care workers can often be misunderstood by the public, believed to be one of the nega...

By Sophie Reay

Marketing Manager

Social care workers can often be misunderstood by the public, believed to be one of the negative topics of the healthcare industry. Of course there will be bad things within social care, but that is the same within every job. Social care is a wonderful career, giving back to the community and providing a positive impact on those they care for.

Let’s bust 5 common myths about working in social care…

Myth 1 – Social care work is demanding and unappreciated

Whilst social care work can seem unappreciated, especially if a service or patient challenges you however caring for people can be so rewarding. If you accept a package with Standby, you can book block shifts in the same facility with the same individual so you’ll slowly be able to see the difference you make to those you care for.

If you’re motivated by helping to make difference in people’s lives and the wider community, social care is definitely for you!

Myth 2 – Working in social care is emotionally draining

Putting other people’s needs before your own can leave you emotionally drained therefore it is important to talk regularly to your service provider when things are difficult. We have a 24/7 contact line for any queries or if you’re in a bit of a pickle during your shifts – we’re always here for you!

Myth 3 – Working in social care is only about working with the elderly and personal care

Social care is all about supporting individuals in the wider community, whether at home or a facility. Giving the patient independence and a greater quality of life is often what motivates Social Workers within their roles.

Whilst personal care can be a part of the job if the patient is unable to do this themselves, the duties for a Social Worker can be so much more! From doing the food shop, cleaning their living environment to accompanying them in social activities; a Social Workers role is so diverse that you’ll never get bored.

As with the diverse nature of the duties involved in social care, the age range of patients is also diverse! You could work as an adults or child support worker, with varying age ranges and needs.

Myth 4 – Social care work is badly paid

At Standby Healthcare we offer competitive rates of pay for social care, as well as enhanced rates depending on experience and qualifications. Taking up extra shifts can boost your pay at the end of the week, with a 5 shift week often getting workers over £800 a week!

Myth 5 – Social care work has no progression